Top 5 Social Media Applications To Install On Your New Smart Phone

There are many social media applications that have been developed with the main purpose of interaction along with other good features specific to each application. The top five social media applications to install on your mobile are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Whatsapp.

These social media applications are efficient for communication and security. Each of these applications are designed in such a way that makes them very effective and attractive to use. To be able to interact with the outer world, these social media applications are best to use.

Facebook – The top social media app

Facebook allows everyone to interact with people that you want to interact with. It is designed in such a way that the user has to add the people whom he wants to interact with. Users can easily promote anything they like on Facebook. With the wider range of audience it allow the users who want to promote their business or brand create their own Facebook page specifically for their promotion purposes. These pages are public so that everyone can view it. Users can freely promote their ideas on this platform.

Twitter – Favorite place of Politicians and News Anchors

Twitter is designed in such a way that it allow the users to be able to communicate with others publicly. The user just have to follow the user to see that person’s tweets. This application is used by celebrities and the public figures throughout the world. The reason for this is that Twitter very easily expresses the ideas and also receive the feedback from the audience. The public figures are verified by the Twitter. To be able to promote your business or to speak for or against something that is going on in this world is done through trends.

Instagram – Photo Sharing App

Instagram is a am application that gives a chance to user for sharing photos and videos. Different followers on Instagram share their recent photos and apply editable filters on them. Not only this now new feature like IG TV is also launched where users can upload longer videos like Youtube. Currently Instagram is only offered for smart phone devices. However, limited use desktop interface is also available. Instagram is free to use and anyone can install it. Mostly female celebrities, artists and brands use it for promotion. They can also add more followers on instagram instantly available by different authentic platforms.

Whatsapp – A Communication App

Whatsapp is social media application that is designed for just communication purposes. This application is widely used mostly through all the regions of the world. This is a free platform to use. All it requires is the user’s number to activate your Whatsapp profile. To communicate, both the users should have the same platform in order to interact. This social media platform is really efficient and easy to use. Users can send messages, voice notes and also can call each other. Video calling is also being tested in some versions of Whatsapp.

Snapchat – Photo & Video Messaging App

Snapchat is the youngest of all the best social media platforms out there. This social media platform is designed in such a way that the users can communicate with others through simple text messages and videos. The unique thing about this platform is that the data erases from the platform after twenty four hours. The term “stories” are used for capturing pictures and videos of anything, these stories can only be seen under twenty four hours. Along with the stories, this platform allow the users to edit their pictures and videos in real time with some amazing editing technology and features. These features are the prime reason that make them have an edge from other social media applications that focuses on the pictures and videos capturing.

Joyce King