The top 10 mental health apps

What will you do when you need a therapy but cannot afford it but struggle to handle your mental illness alone. Then there is the easiest way to reduce stress is to download an app. Now a day there are many apps available for mental health proliferation app available on IOS and on Android Smartphones. These apps are often free or have a reasonable price. These mental health apps offer you wealth which will make therapeutic techniques which are accessible, portable and cost-free.

Therapeutic Techniques for Psychological disorder:

Anyone can find corporative therapeutic techniques as (CBT) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & (ACT) acceptance commitment therapy. These apps can access everything from depression to disorders of eating, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder and many other psychological problems.

The health expert psychiatrist predicts that it will play an important role in mental health care by giving solutions to their clients for mental health disorder’s self-management.

How mental health apps effect on peoples:

They have the potential to helps peoples by removing disorder barriers to treatment. It is sad to know that, just 10 % peoples can reach professional help for the mental health problems because of a number of reasons they may have a financial problem or have severe anxiety or lack of mobility in them or they may not be able to leave home.

Mental health apps end of therapy:

These have real value for those who are struggling with mental health. Some goods app has mental health practitioners boards from which they can get the answers to their questions. It will be available for 24/7 for severe cases. By an excellent psychologist, he says that; these apps are very useful for those who cannot get any session as they wanted to attend to improve their mental health. These are great supplements for psychological patients.

Digital tools for mental health:

Digital tools can be used for supplementary treatment of traditional therapy of peoples and for those who are not able to access the support of these therapy of mental health apps, mental health practitioners which often valuable guidance and support. If you lack the resource and time to want some addressing additional mental health. There are some apps through which peoples can access their disease and can improve their health as well.

General Mental Health Apps:

What’s Up: is a marvelous app which is used for cognitive mental health therapy (CBT) & Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT). These methods are for helping peoples with anxiety, depression, stress, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and more. Through it, peoples can use positive and negative trackers to maintain their mental health and their good habits. And to break those habits which are counterproductive in their life. It contains different questions to the pinpoint at what you are feeling and teaches you how to stop the negative internal thought of monologues thinking. Peoples can easily try it by their self.

Mood Kit:

It uses the foundation of (CBT) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and gives its users 200 various mood improvement activities to do. It is a great invention by two clinical psychologists.


Joyce King