Maria Victoria Henao Biography, Marriage life with Pablo Escobar, kids and net worth

If you have watched the Netflix series Narcos, you pretty much know about Maria Victoria Henao same as kimberly anne scott. She is the widow of Pablo Escobar who was the notorious drug lord of his time. She spent seventeen year with Pablo after marriage until he was shot dead by Police. After his death, her life became miserable when police arrested her under the charges of drug trafficking and money laundering but later all charges couldn’t be proved against her. She spent some time in different countries along with her kids before fleeing to Argentina. She spent a distressed life with Escobar due his extramarital affairs with multiple women and his bad reputation but she stick by her husband through thick and thin. In this post we will discuss the entire life of Maria Henao that will give you the chance not only get to know about her and the life of most popular drug smuggler though her life. So read on and take a look of her early life, marriage with cocaine smuggler Pablo Escobar and her life after the death of her husband.

Early life:

Maria was born in Colombia in the year of 1961. Her older brother worked with Escobar when he started his drug smuggling illegal enterprise. She met with Pablo through her older brother. Since Maria Victoria’s brother became a very important person of Escobar’s drug business. After her first meeting with Pablo, she met him on several occasions. They both fell in love with each other soon and later decided to get marry.

Marriage with Pablo Escobar:

Maria was not in limelight before getting marriage to Pablo. It is said that her first meeting with cocaine dealer was at the age of 13. Later, they started dating and got hitched. By Then, Maria was 15 and Escobar was 24 years old but they both didn’t consider the age differences. Her marriage remained successful until Pablo involved in various extra marital affairs and had a lot of paramours. But Maria never abandoned her husband about his affairs. He had affair with Virginia Vallejo who was a journalist is so popular and Maria knew this well-documented affairs but she never unrestrained Pablo.


They became parents for the first time and welcome their newborn son Juan Pablo. They had second child in 1984, this time a baby girl, named her Manuela Pablo. His son changed their names later when the family flees to Argentina. Juan Pablo changed his name to Sebastian Marroquin and Manuela changer her name to Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos.

Net Worth:

Maria Victoria Henao’s net worth is not known yet as there is no information about her current salary. But when Escobar was alive, his net worth was huge with $30 billion in early 90s. He considered as one of the richest man of the world in the 90s.


Maria Victoria Henao tried to gain asylum in Mozambique and Germany but the authorities denied her request. Currently she is living in Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires along her kids and Escobar’s mother. She also changed her name to Maria Isabel Santos Caballero and her identity too to find a shelter in other country. Now, she is leading a life of a fugitive due to the wife of notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar.


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